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I've decided to allow more sites to the "list of sites you can rec from" thanks to advice from others as well as my own ideas. So far, you an reccomend fanfiction from fanfiction.net, harrypotterfanfiction.com, checkmated.com, and livejournal.com. There are exceptions, but please, check out the user info for more, well, info.

Happy reccing!


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On January 22nd, 2007 09:19 pm (UTC), manda_lalala commented:
I think that is a good idea, because I myself am not very familiar with fanfiction.net, and don't have the time or patience to look around for stories I like. I do however have a bunch of stories I liked on harrypotterfanfiction.com. One thing though, I was rereading the rules, and I have no idea how to know if a story is a story that everyone knows. So, I hope I don't offend anyone with dumb choices that everyone has read. I am picky about what I like thouhg, so I hope it's considered good. :)
On January 22nd, 2007 09:29 pm (UTC), daysandweeks replied:
Oh, it's fine. I'm not going to have a fit. There's no way anyone can know exactly what stories everyone on LJ (in the fandom) knows. Alls I'm saying is...

Alright, this is the only way I can explain it. Say you're a member of multiple Ron/Hermione communities, for instance. (My inspiration is from your icon and most of the communities I'm in. ^-^) If a certain story is being recced in all of them, feel free to, but don't feel that you need to rec it here. If the ship is Ron/Hermione, mostly Ron/Hermione shippers are going to flock to it, and they'll all have seen it advertised by then at other communities.

That's all I mean, really.

Have fun. ^-^
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